AntiPretty Beach Bash – Gigi O.D.

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Born and raised in San Francisco, Gigi O.D. has been exposed to a variety of artists and subcultures from a young age. When she moved to the small cow and chicken town, Petaluma, she experienced a slow moving culture shock, something she wasn’t used to after the fast paced life style of San Francisco.

Using music, art, and special effects makeup, she used all of these as a way to occupy her time as well as express creative talents. At the age of 16 she discovered modeling through working on her SFX makeup; but it wouldn’t be until 2 years later that she would start taking it seriously and viewing it as a new way to create art.

Being apart of AntiPretty’s Metallic Beach Shoot was a wonderful and exciting experience, surrounded by talented individuals who all came together to create art and have fun doing so. AntiPretty encourages the creative talent of each model to come out, as well as promotes body positivity through alternative modeling.

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