AntiPretty Beach Bash – Jenna Rose

AntiPretty teamed up with Tiny Glow Photography for this years 2015 Beach Bash – Metallic Tattoo series of photo shoots. The following gallery consists of photos by “Tiny Glow Photo” courtesy of David L. Minard. )


I live my life with the intention of balance. Balance among responsibilities, tranquility, spontaneity, and passion – fun is just as high on my priority list as food and water.

I live my life for Erlebnisse, because you only get one life, so EXPERIENCE it. Experience it with friends, with music, with adventure, with wide eyes and an open mind.

I live my life surrounding myself with people I love because the euphoria of loving and being loved cannot be replaced or duplicated.

I want look at every person as a piece of art. Love it or hate it, every piece, every person, deserves to be valued. Every body is intricate and interesting. Every mind is layered and complex.

There is always something to appreciate, no matter how difficult to find. And there is always more to the story than what first meets the eye. Being human is fascinating. Modeling is a way for me to turn the looking glass around and learn to appreciate myself as art, the same way I do other people. Its a process, and at times a very difficult one.
But challenge leads to strength and growth. So bring it on.

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