AntiPretty Modeling Directory – Launched

We just launched our “AntiPretty Modeling Directory” This is our next big phase, we’ve raised over 10,000 dollars to bring you a whole new system and a whole new level of interaction. Think of it like Facebook but JUST for models, photographers, and fans. Our goal is to help new and upcoming models get promoted,  get connected with photographers and in general – get more done. We’re just getting off the ground for this exciting new project.

What Now?

This new system is our attempt at a large-scale modeling & photographer directory. Models & Photographers can have profiles, show off their stuff, connect with like minded people. Part of our goal will be a series of AntiPretty sponsored events in YOUR area, around the WORLD. So get a bunch of people in one city or area to sign up and we’ll consider you for exclusive AntiPretty parties thrown in your town that will help you get seen, noticed, famous, and all that jazz.

Our goal is to connect the world’s alternative models. To re-define what a model is, and what beauty is. We’re going to jumpstart a revolution in modeling. We’re planning a magazine and a lot of other surprises. We want you to get seen, and to change what’s available out there for you beautiful people who don’t look like your typical model. We’ll see you in there, it’s going to be exciting.

Adam / Antipretty

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