I am not afraid to be who I truly am…


Over the past years I have been unhappy with who I am until recently. I have tried so many different hairstyles and looks but never found the right one. I have had very short haircuts and shaved my hair twice but never felt comfortable in myself wearing them.
I have expressed my true self this time around by shaving my head again as I feel truly happy in who I am.
Its very liberated to feel the clippers vibrating over my scalp and cutting off the old e and welcoming the new image. As I am the fetish industry it is much more accepted then if I had a office or shop job.
I mainly work from home as I have a photograph studio on my 1st floor but when I go out into the normal world to do my shopping my image is frowned upon or stared at. People look at you in sympathetic way as if I have an illness. As the media always presume that a female should have hair in a style to make her look pretty and feminine. I actually feel much more feminine with no hair at all then with it. Many females are very much like goliath in the bible (I am not a bible preacher but this is just an example) their hair is their strength.
That’s so wrong because your strength is ln your confidence. If you comfortable in your own skin then other people will warm towards you as you will ooze positivity. No body likes to be around anyone that is down and miserable about everything…

About the author: Sara Catch Free User

I am a Fetish Hairdresser that is wild and adventurous. I love anything that is out of my comfort zone and will try anything once. If I don't like it I wont do it again, that's logical to anyone really.
I'm not afraid to cut or grow my hair to accommodate a photo shoot. My hair grows very fast due to my healthy eating. I'm plant based and 80% Vegan. I have numerous amounts of wigs in different colours and lengths and styles. With very short hair it is very easy to apply a lace front wig to look like my own hair. My fetish wardrobe has anything from material, latex, PVC in it. Many types of boots from thigh high to flat Chelsea boots. A few corsets of PVC. material, leather look. I love buying things all the time but as always money conquers what I can purchase so it takes time to get what you want.