Miss AntiPretty November 2013: Aris Mahoney

I grew up on the MS gulf coast, went through Hurricane Katrina and moved to the Tampa Bay area a few years ago. I’ve placed in a few pageants in my teens and won 1st place for a bikini contest. I then modeled bikinis for about a year after.

I am an advanced pianist, and I played basketball for 9 years. I am a natural blonde with greenish-blue eyes, 5’10” with a 36DD bra size, and I love working out to stay fit.

I have always been versatile and open minded with different styles. I have lots of ink and piercings, and I am a self-proclaimed “wiggie”. I married my best friend and I love dressing up and taking sexy pics for him. I believe that aside from communication and honesty, a spicy sex-life is the best glue for a marriage.

I love AntiPretty because it seems like a place that I belong.

– Aris Mahoney

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