Miss AntiPretty November: Enoon Mai

Our featured model hails from the Bay Area and she brings a bucket of enthusiasm and weird. She’s everything we’re all about here at AntiPretty – Unconventional, daring, colorful, sexy, and unique. Get your eyes glued all over “Miss AntiPretty November”

I am your friendly neighborhood Enoon Mai! I work as an independent fashion model.

I have my own site to inquire regarding shoots:


I also work as an accountant as my regular 9 to 5 job. I was born in California and have traveled the globe both for work and for hobby, there is just so much to see, so much to take in. The beauty of the universe constantly has be in a state of awe. I have tried everything I can from fishing in Alaska to climbing mountains in Wyoming, I adore animals and absolutely love art. I graduated from university with a degree in psychology and Mathematics. I am currently working on increasing my knowledge in the educational field.

I have one motto in my little world,

“Life Is Not About How You Survive The Storm But Rather How You Are Able To Dance In The Rain!”

and I try to live every day with happiness, kindness and, of course, adventure!

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