Miss AntiPretty October: Jennifer Faust

Early Career and Training

“People have asked me why I chose to be a dancer. I did not choose. I was chosen to be a dancer, and with that, you live all your life. ”
― Martha Graham

True dancers are born, not made, and Jennifer Faust is no exception to the rule. At the age of four, Faust was chosen by dance. Five years later, with a repertoire that included ballet, tap, and jazz, she was awarded her first set of pointe shoes and a full scholarship to study with the Des Moines Ballet Company. Narrowing her focus to ballet, she began studying and performing professionally with the Marin Ballet and Dance Theatre Seven in California. She took an early interest in choreography, as well, setting her first pas de deux at the tender age of 14. Later, Faust went on to UC Santa Barbara to pursue scholastic endeavors and was asked to dance with the UCSB Dance Company in such styles as contemporary ballet, West African and modern dance.

New Formats and Movement

“If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point in dancing it.”
― Isadora Duncan

Like most dancers, Faust sought new venues for dynamism and movement. During a performance of Jill Parker’s ‘Ultra Gypsy’ in San Francisco, she fell in love with bellydance. Captivated by the complexity that tribal bellydance fusion granted in the translation of music to physical form, Faust began training in 2003. She joined the Suhaila Dance Company from 2005-06. The following year, global exploration led her to Thailand, where she began Muay Thai training at Fairtex and Por Pramuk. Continuing her training at home in California, she competed at Pacific Ring Sports and Maesh.

Recent Projects

“When the music changes, so does the dance.”
― African Proverb

Currently collaborating with Bay Area dancers and artists, Faust is a member of Coven Dance Company, directed by Zoe Jakes and Arcana, directed by Zoe Jakes and Danielle Elizabeth.  Faust was also a guest dancer with Kami Liddle’s Gold Star Dance Company and is the executive producer and co-director of the film triology ‘Triptych: Dust, Blood and Water’ – https://www.gofundme.com/md9kw8.

Faust has been a member of the dance companies Dangerous Beauties, Ariellah’s Deshret Dance Company, Ego Umbra and more. She has collaborated in the past with artists such as DJ Amar and has performed at events such as Hip N’ Bass, Electric Vardo, Underground Nomads, Carnival of Stars, Tribal Fest, Rakassah, Tribal Massive and Shadowdance. In addition to working as an oncology nurse, Faust is dancing, training, choreographing, and dreaming of new projects that will push the boundaries of dance and film and movement to places unexplored. You can find her in constant motion. Just don’t expect her to stay in one place for long…

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