Miss January 2013: Tinker Toy

First of all, I would like to say that I am terrible at trying to explain myself. I come from a long line of ambitious people, and I always find myself wanting something more. I will learn one skill, practice it over and over and over until I am confident in my abilities, then tackle the next dream on my growing to-do list.

I enjoy my day job, as a hairstylist/makeup artist, as well as my many night time gigs– being a snake charmer and tattooist. My only previous modeling experience is with local photographers and friends who just want to take my picture in front of something pretty.

I am pretty heavily tattooed/ pierced, and I like it that way. My family asked me what I was going to do when I get older and have all of these tattoos…. my reply being, “wreaking havoc with all my other old, badass, saggy-tittied, tattooed girlfriends while you’re in a nursing home that no one pays any attention to you because you look like every other old-ass-saggy-tittied lady.”

I love being AntiPretty.


Model: Tinker Toy

Photographer Credits: Forthcoming

Location: USA

Keywords: quirky, dark, tattoo, curly, smile, cute, variety, hair, smile, unique, different

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