Miss October 2012: Emalyth Modeling

The winner for this Halloween is a special trick/treat. The great folks overseas at Emalyth modeling have given us a variety pack of deep, dark, and vivid photos featuring some of their best-of models and pics.

We hope you enjoy the ladies of Emalyth as much as the ladies of AntiPretty ūüôā

Emalyth is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting all forms of alternative culture in South Africa. It was founded in 2009 by Sashquita Northey, a proud metalhead who was tired of seeing the talented local metal bands stiffed out of their cut in order to fill the events organizers pocket.

The name¬†Emalyth¬†was derived from a character in an Anne Rice series who is sacrificed for the good of others. This has become¬†Emalyth’s mantra and spills over into their alternative modeling segment – Face ofEmalyth. All parties involved willingly ‘sacrifice’ their talents and time to produce a set that adds dimension to their portfolios and showcases their work to the growing world wide¬†Emalyth¬†fanbase. Face of¬†Emalyth¬†offers a platform to all aspiring alternative models in a country which is still dominated by pre-defined standards of beauty. It allows the public to see the underbelly of local¬†flavor.

Our girls are building reputations for themselves with many have being featured in calendars,they have won alternative beauty titles, and have been featured in online and print publications locally as well as internationally, and some have scored sponsorship deals with local alternative designers.

Emalyth¬†is not strictly South African and would love to hear from international models to show their local models what the standard is like overseas. If you think you can do that please contact Autrum Regina on¬†[email protected].

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