Ninja Assassin Photo Shoot

A lovely day at Lake Merritt in Oakland, with the lovely Rachel Seche and Pearl E. Meadows, all is fun and frolicking until things take a dark turn. In the shadows, in the background they are slowly stalked by a lone assassin, who eventually STRIKES WITH BLOODY VENGEANCE. Ninja Assassin played by Bramani Quinn, with blades, ninja hood, belts, and knives to the 9’s. Sunshine and Rainbows provided by Rachel & Pearl.

We like our shoots to tell a story and we think you’ll like this one. Enjoy the Ninja Assassin Photo Shoot (Or “A day at the park”)

  • Ninja Assassin: Bramani Quinn
  • Victim Model: Rachel Seche
  • Victim Model: Pearl E. Meadows
  • Photography: Adam Aragon / AntiPretty
  • Makeup & Blood Effects: Bramani Quinn
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