AntiPretty Beach Bash – Kisa Hues

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Kisa Hues is a lover of artistic expressions. She is a beautiful woman with a keen eye for design and aesthetics. Her modeling passion started in high school as a muse of a dear friend and photographer.

This dynamic continued for years and Kisa was able to use the platform for growth and expansion, while she gained experience modeling. It was extremely helpful for her teenage years to have a fun creative outlet and she was able to get into styling shoots and exploring the worlds of creating fantasy and playful artistic delight.

During that time she also reversed roles and got behind the camera. She discovered that she also enjoyed the process of editing and dived into digital arts. Her interest is in alternative modeling and she has enjoyed collaborating other models, designers, photographers and artists. Kisa has a passion for photography, digital art, and silk-screening. She also makes vibrant colorful stickers and album art for friends.

Along with her modeling and a passion for creating beauty, Kisa is currently converting a school bus into a tiny home, plotting out her plans for permaculture gardening, and working towards a self sustainable living project.


Author: AntiPretty

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