Plus Size Models

A lot of people ask us about plus sized models. First it’s good to know – we love plus sized models.

More important, Antipretty is about the misconception that there’s only one path to beauty. There are beautiful people who are short, tall, skinny, curvy and beyond. The thing is, it doesn’t work both ways. Not ALL skinny people are pretty, not all curvy people are pretty. We try to look past the concept of ‘ideal’ and simply state what’s “Beautiful and Attractive”.

Obviously we’re not the end-all be-all of what’s attractive but we reach out to people with open-minds and interesting vibes to see who can SHOW us their inner & outer beauty. If you’re a member of the site and you’re showing the world your look and photos, you’re already a risk-taker, you’re already taking chances. I for one think that’s half of it, simply believing in yourself, that makes someone attractive.

You’re already a risk-taker, you’re already taking chances.

Long story short, we love plus sized models, curvy and voluptuous girls, all shapes, all sizes as long as you’re looking good. We’d like to see you, feature you, and have you be a part of the site. We’re here to show you that modeling, photography and self-love are not just for that 0.05% of skinny chicks that you see in all the (boring) magazines. Let’s get exotic, erotic, weird and unique!

Use what you got, show us your smile, your bodies and your personality – it will pay off. Maybe not just in a commercial, look-how-famous-i-can-be kind of way, but in showing the world there’s more beauty out there than we originally thought…

Stay Curvy,

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