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New face tattoo❤

After a long hiatus, AntiPretty is back with it’s much-loved monthly feature… Miss AntiPretty!

Every month we select a model & gallery from on our site and around the web that we just love and want to feature. It’s a great way for you to see a ‘best of’ gallery of up and coming models and free press & publication for them Win/Win. Without further ado, here is Miss AntiPretty: July 2019 – Katalina Motley!


From Katalina:

I am a Model/Actor/Entertainer, and art is my reason to live. I’ve spent my life on the stage, learning and growing. My modeling pursuit began as a collaboration between theatre and photography, and only grew from there. I am extremely passionate about my career, and it is three driving force un my life; the reason I get up in the morning. I’ve found that although I do enjoy every avenue of modeling, I have found my true passion in the unconventional, unexpected, and heavily expressive. My ideal life is one where I get to create beautiful, meaningful peices of art with other artists, such as the wonderfully talented artists on antipretty.

Photographs from portfolio-Noelle Wilhelmina:

Kaya Burke:

Kalamity is as hard to define as their name might imply, jumping the line between badass and adorable. Kalamity teamed up with AntiPretty for a set loosely inspired by “A Clockwork Orange.” With an extensive theatre background and an attitude of “let’s get weird” this shoot turned out sexy, stylish, and unique. Just how we like it.

Drawing on the skills of a makeup artist, we chose to try an exaggerated eyelash vibe in tribute to the original style of Clockwork Orange; coupled with the bowler & cane, it quickly evolves in a spot of the ultra-sexy with strappy undergarments slowly revealed to make this whole shoot ultra-cool.

Kalamity is a Sonoma County based model who is also involved in theatre and local community projects and is a huge advocate for equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and loving and respecting all forms of beauty, which is right in line with what AntiPretty stands for (We Like Them Weird).

Please enjoy the hell out of Kalamity 😉

For those of you that have been with us since back in the day we salute you. For those of you just now coming to AntiPretty and wondering what the heck we are, let me explain. We are of course a publication for Alternative Models, Photography and Makeup. Meaning we publish our own photoshoots as well as hand-picked models and photographers that we feature on the site. Our 2nd goal? WORLD DOMINATION. Well kind of.

We set out several years ago to make the ultimate “Alternative Modeling Network” which would basically be a facebook, model mayhem, or social network if you will. But JUST for Alternative models. Which means above all – We Like Them Weird. When we first created this site we were inspired by sites like Suicide Girls but found too much homogeneity, it went from wild and different to “Pale girls with piercings and tattoos” shrug, boring.

So we set out to make our own Network. Now models can make their own profiles, post classifieds, find gigs, network with each. Blog & post & make groups. Basically have a haven where you can let your freak flag fly. Our base level is always FREE of course but we do have some humble paid plans that are very affordable and provide you with a lot of cool tools & features.

Wait… Version 3.0?


We’ve tried a lot of different approaches to social networking and long story short. It sounds easier than it is to create and maintain a social network. Originally starting on BuddyPress, we moved up to Social Engine and after investing thousands in hosting, configuration, support and software we determined that none of these were doing the job. The creator of AntiPretty is a WordPress Developer and yearned for a legit WordPress based social network. We think we’ve finally found it.

Now the bad news…. The previous network has been hacked and ridden with viruses eventually we had to strip the whole site and shut it down. Along with that went many people’s photos, profiles and posts. We deeply apologize for any lost content you may have culminated over the years. All we have left is a list of usernames and email addresses. Which brings us to:

The Good News.

As a gesture of good faith we will be providing a “Premium” level account (3$ a month) to anyone that reaches out from the old site. Simply write an email to previous[at]antipretty[dot]com with your name and email address and if it’s on our list we will give you a discount code for free lifetime membership. No catch, no hidden agenda, we want to do right by our users and it’s hard to gain and keep trust. We think that you’ll help spread the word and your love of all things AntiPretty if you’ve got a cushy free account.

If you’re not a former member, aren’t you lucky? You get to jump on the bandwagon early and be part of the new and much improved alternative modeling social network. If you’re interested in one of those shiny Premium or VIP accounts you’ll have to pay, but we will be giving out discount codes for free accounts on our FaceBook page at random to celebrate, so keep an eye out (shh).

Thanks for being a fan of weird and beautiful people, enjoy the new network and go do you.

Testing out user submitted blog posts, I would love to see you up and coming alternative models talk about your journey, your struggles, your questions, fears and victories. Feel free :)_

Our latest model Hannah has decided that she wants to embrace the lacy, girly, lingerie-clad feminine form within. A bold choice in itself nowadays. She was inspired by the looks of Victoria’s Secret and Lingerie Catalogs. The beauty of Alternative modeling (and Hannah) is that you can express yourself any way you want. She went big with pink, satin, lace, blankets, candy, sugar, spice and everything nice. Hannah is a very positive and upbeat person and that shines through in her photos as well. It’s good to know we can all be beautiful inside and out. Enjoy the super sexy antics and amazing outfits.

A while back we got Quinn in the studio and the photos lay dormant for some time. But eventually we dug through the archives and thought these were too good to miss. One of the regular AntiPretty models “Quinn” is one of our top favorite people to shoot. She’s all kinds of silly and dramatic in just the right way. These are two different outfits from a studio shoot. Somewhere between boudoir and just plain sexy. We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making. One of our rare actually-in-a-studio shoots. See Quinn as you never have before. Dig it.

There’s something powerful in becoming someone else. It’s almost as if it’s a way back to myself. It wasn’t that long ago that I was bullied for being a geek, for being curvy, for dressing up in silly costumes, but the moment I stopped letting these things be my flaws they became my superpowers. It wasn’t that long ago that my power over my body was taken from me…repeatedly…but the moment I made it my own again and made the choice to refuse to see it as anything but beautiful I became unstoppable. It took me 32 years to love my life and myself exactly the way I am, and I am determined to love it completely, unconditionally, and without questions or doubt.