Updates: June 2013

The new Antipretty site has finally launched with a whole new architecture. While profiles have to be re-filled it’s our sincere hope that the new site is much cleaner, faster, and easier going forward. You’ll be able to navigate more easily and we’ll be able to bring you new shoots and new models with more frequency and regularity.

Here’s some shoot ideas we’re working on, feel free to hit us up with questions, suggestions and more in the comment section.

  • Dark Alice in Wonderland / Madness Returns Cosplay Shoot
  • The 2013 Summer Fun / UnderWater Shoot! (Casting now! Hit us up!)
  • Dead Dollz Pin Up Shoot

We’re open to new ideas and suggestions so leave a comment with your idea for a shoot idea you’d like to see coming up in June/July! ¬†Thanks and keep being AntiPretty


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