Wet and Wild Summer (Group Shoot – Part 2)

AntiPretty goes Underwater! We got a hold of a few underwater cameras and got together a great gaggle of girls for you to goggle at. There’s SO many models and pictures in this crazy pool, underwater, wet and crazy shoot that we had to split it up into TWO huge galleries, To see the FULL set of images, here’s a link to The First “Wet and Wild Summer” Shoot with even more photos (This is the 2nd of 2) – Special thanks to John Ellis for use of his pool and for being Radical.


Model: Juliet, Oksana, Rasputin, Carrie, Tenaya, Haley, Danielle, Jay Wyld, Vee, Solstice

Photographer: Adam Aragon (AntiPretty)

Location: Windsor, CA

Keywords: group, underwater, wet, pool, hottub, drown, blue, soaked, dripping, diving, jumping, crazy, multiple, silly, fun, summer, sun, girls, guys, mixed

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