Zelda: Unique Nudes in a Burned Out Building

This series of shots was done at a local haunt called Scary Dairy. It’s an abandoned dairy off one of the farming schools in Los Angeles county…legend has it that the barn and buildings were also used for testing sites for a local abandoned mental institution. Richard Rasner of Unique Nudes has been all around the world photographing nudity in urban decay, nature, and unique situations (as his name would imply). Scary Dairy changes every time I shoot there, as it’s a popular spot for graffiti artists and paintballers, as well as photographers and models. My favorite part of this series of photos is the sense of scale you get from the massive crumbling structures, and that it gives me a chance to explore 🙂 It is also cool to not be the main focus of every shot as is very common in photographing nude models – in some of the photos it is more like a Where’s Waldo picture, you might not even notice the nude girl at first, I am almost just there for size reference.

PhotographerRichard Rasner of Unique Nudes

Model: Zelda


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