Miss AntiPretty August 2013: Kamilah Varushka

I was born during a midsummer thunderstorm in North Carolina. Cancer sun, Libra moon, Aquarius rising. I’m a writer working on my first chapbook and Music Blogger for KeepCharlotteBoring.com. I’ve also been a Contributing Writer for Carpe Nocturne Magazine, Blu Magazine, Clubplanet.com and MAP Magazine in the past. My blog, Cor Aut Mors focuses on post punk and alternative music, subculture, lifestyle, art and etc.
I create collages and illustrations when the urge strikes me as well.

My ultimate goals are to be a living work of art and live everyday like it’s my last. When I model, I always try to express my lust for a wild and free life. I’ve modeled for everything from a MAC Cosmetics runway show, to wedding hairstyle magazines, but my absolute favorite is doing shoots that are creative, sexy and more than just a little weird – creepy pin-ups, avant-glamour and experimental art photography with equal doses “Goth”, glam and Lolita/nymphet style. I trained in ballet, modern dance and yoga for thirteen years of my life, and a lot of this comes through in my poses and movements in photos. To me, being truly beautiful means always keeping music blaring in your soul and to never go a day without dancing. Anti-Pretty strikes me as the kind of place where beauty (inner and outer) is in the eye of the beholder, and that’s exactly what I’m into.

My obsessions are music (specifically post-punk, traditional/classic gothic rock, deathrock, garage rock, punk, rock ‘n’ roll, psychedelic, jazz + etc), Nick Cave (yes, he gets his own category), whiskey, red lollipops, high heels that hurt, hairbows, mysticism/the occult, kittens + black lace.

Cor Aut Mors [lifestyle/music blog] – www.kamilahvarushka.wordpress.com
Catastrophe Ballerina [Tumblr] – www.catastropheballerina.tumblr.com
Gypsy Lips Gypsy Lips [Etsy Shop] – www.etsy.com/shop/gypsylipsgypsylips
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