What is Miss AntiPretty?

We get submissions from a lot of models from all around the world who want to be published on AntiPretty. Because we’re based in the California Bay Area, we can’t get photo-shoots of everyone we’d like to. So we have Miss Antipretty to show off Models from every corner of the world that want to be AntiPretty. It’s a great way to get published and gain recognition, especially if you’re too far away for a shoot with us.

How Do I Submit Myself?

We have a form that you can fill out to get the process rolling, you fill out a bio, send us a few sample pics, and if we like what we see we’ll follow up with an email asking for a full gallery of 15-30 photos to use as your featured gallery, and we will notify you that you have been selected for “Miss AntiPretty” for the month. Your bio and gallery will go on our Miss AntiPretty wall of fame and you’ll be forever immortalized as one of our favorite models.

Can I help my chances?

Yes absolutely. A well written bio, a good collection of pics from existing shoots and being a member of antipretty (sign up here) all help your chances dramatically. You can submit yourself at any time, and we will keep your submission on file for up to 90 days. If you’re not selected in that time, feel free to submit again, there’s always a chance you’ll be selected for Mister/Miss AntiPretty this month or the next, or the next.. get it?

What if I’m local (in the Bay Area)?

Then you might just want to contact us to setup a shoot locally so we can get you on as an official AntiPretty model. However you’re still welcome to submit yourself for Miss AntiPretty and possibly be selected. However we recommend if you’re local you also contact us to see if we can just plan a shoot for you!