Miss June 2013: Zelda

Zelda has been modeling for 5 years and cos-playing for over a decade. She works in a variety of genres including art, fantasy, cosplay, nude, BDSM, horror and alt. She has been published in a variety of magazines and has worked with many companies in the modeling and walks the line between the geek, adult and art modeling worlds. Zelda creates most of her own looks and styles as well as operates an alternative photography meetup called Alt+3rR0rLA where she does a large portion of the art direction and styling. She is a chameleon who changes styles with ease and challenges fans of the geek genre to find alt sexy while challenging fans of the alt genre to find geek sexy. She believes in AntiPretty because it means being true to yourself even if it means challenging the ideal or the norm.

Her free time includes attending comic, video game and technology conventions, re-enactment and pre-enactment events (Society for Creative Anachronism historical re-enacting as well as post-apocalyptic pre-enacting), Renn Faires, metal shows, creating costumes and learning new techniques, attending goth, fetish and fantasy events, playing video games and tabletop.

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Cris Jan Lim
Jani Markus Miikkulainen
Quixotic Erotic
MXD Studios
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