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One of my favorite photographers to work with is Paul Nuber we always have so much fun


Happy new year from a newbie!
Hope 2020 will. Be better then 2019 THATS for sure!



Hi everyone! I am currently designing a new brand and am creating shoots. If you are interested in being an ambassador please let me know…



Yo I’m new at this who’s gonna help me



My passion for modeling comes from the concept of unconventionality. I love having the ability to show my friends and followers that all types of people are beautiful. I started about 2-3 years ago, with local photographers who were willing to collab (Tfp). Before ya know it I had more than enough experience/content to take the jump from Tfp to compensation. Not sure where to start, I found myself on a modeling page on Facebook, specifically for Indiana models. I asked the group how they went about getting compensation and was met with some less than polite comments. They told me there was no place for models like me in Indiana and that no agency would ever sign me. Within a few days I had started putting my portfolio on the internet, and within a few days of that I had gotten a call from John Casablanca’s Talent and Model Agency. I showed up at “auditions” and got a call back. So I show up the next day, assuming I was about to sign my first modeling contract, and they hit me with the price of tuition. Apparently, I was trained enough to make the call back, but not trained enough to avoid their “training program”. They sat me down, told me that they would have to chemically treat my curly hair (to make it more presentable), hide my birthmark, dye my hair a natural color, and of course cover up my tattoos and piercings. Keep in mind, I sent them my portfolio, they knew who was coming into that audition, and yet they called me! So essentially you want to work with me, but I have to change everything I love the most about me? I left feeling defeated, with no where to really go. Nothing has really changed, I’m still getting my foot in the door, I’m just trying new things. I’m reaching out to photographers and putting my portfolio on multiple platforms. I don’t really know if anyone will ever read this, but if you’re in a similar place, don’t give up and don’t give in. Don’t sign to the first agency that wants you, sign to the agency that was made for you! For now, I do freelance work, I’m just assertive about my expectations from the beginning. Sometimes I make money and sometimes I still trade for print, but hey that’s the name of the game. Gotta start somewhere right?


My name is Briana, I’m currently 20 years old. I am an aspiring model who’s Goth, and an aspiring writer. I always dreamed of going into modeling, the last 15 years ever since I was 5 years old. As the years went by to 11-12 years old, I was bullied and became very insecure. I’m now becoming more confident and happy in my own skin. As time goes on, I’m learning to accept who I am, and love myself. I had a tough life, fighting anxiety and depression, but now I believe I can fulfill my dream of modeling. I just need to put my mind to it, and never give up on my dreams. I also plan on going to college for writing, on top of trying to get into modeling itself. I used to think I didn’t have what it takes, but I am beautiful in the inside out. Which is something I need to remind myself, forget the bullies, the hate. I am me and I’m loving the young woman I’m becoming. I used to get called anorexic for being too skinny, now that I’m older I’m becoming curvier. I’m starting to be comfortable in my own skin, and slowly going into the style that makes me feel lie myself. Modeling has always been one of my favorite arts. I’ve always found it fascinating, beautiful, a way to express a woman’s beauty in all shapes and sizes. As life goes on I will chase my dream of, being a model and writer. I believe I will and can accomplish my goals and dreams. You only love once right? So why not go for it while at a young age.


New face tattoo❤

After a long hiatus, AntiPretty is back with it’s much-loved monthly feature… Miss AntiPretty!

Every month we select a model & gallery from on our site and around the web that we just love and want to feature. It’s a great way for you to see a ‘best of’ gallery of up and coming models and free press & publication for them Win/Win. Without further ado, here is Miss AntiPretty: July 2019 – Katalina Motley!


From Katalina:

I am a Model/Actor/Entertainer, and art is my reason to live. I’ve spent my life on the stage, learning and growing. My modeling pursuit began as a collaboration between theatre and photography, and only grew from there. I am extremely passionate about my career, and it is three driving force un my life; the reason I get up in the morning. I’ve found that although I do enjoy every avenue of modeling, I have found my true passion in the unconventional, unexpected, and heavily expressive. My ideal life is one where I get to create beautiful, meaningful peices of art with other artists, such as the wonderfully talented artists on antipretty.

Photographs from portfolio-Noelle Wilhelmina:

Kaya Burke: