AntiPretty Beach Bash – Eve Exothermal

AntiPretty teamed up with Tiny Glow Photography for this years 2015 Beach Bash – Metallic Tattoo series of photo shoots. The following gallery consists of photos by “Tiny Glow Photo” courtesy of David L. Minard. )


My name is Eve and I’ve been modeling for almost a year. I am primarily a pole athlete and performer based in the East Bay. I started modeling because I love connecting and creating art with people. I also love having another opportunity to express myself and perform.

This shoot allowed myself and the other models involved, to do just that. We were given a simple theme, “metallic”, and could interpret that however we wanted. I personally went for a black and gold look and focused on dancing through and extenuating the different colors and patterns tattooed on me.

It was fun seeing different women enjoy and express themselves while building experience and a portfolio. Big thank you to the photographers and ladies for all their hard work.


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