AntiPretty Beach Bash – Oshanna

This Gallery is Courtesy of “Tiny Glow Photo

Oshanna Kealoha is a passionate woman who cares deeply about health and healing. She is a student at Santa Rosa Junior College with a focus on dance and psychology. Her fascination with the human form and psyche propel her to keep learning and exploring the worlds of thought and form. She hopes to combine these two passions of movement and healing arts to offer body based therapy and workshops.

Oshanna first modeled as a young girl, and did several shoots years later as a budding young woman. The long hours of hair and make-up made the desire to model fade for awhile, but as the years have passed and her patience has expanded, she decided to give it a try again. After a long hiatus, an interest was re-sparked to get in front of the camera with the just for fun photo shoot at the beach with AntiPretty!

She has always felt beauty and pleasure to be priorities, and encourages anyone who has fun with creative and collaborative endeavors to keep doing it. A desire to work with women designers and photographers has become prominent for her, so if you are one of those please get in touch!


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