Miss AntiPretty: July – Katalina Motley

After a long hiatus, AntiPretty is back with it’s much-loved monthly feature… Miss AntiPretty!

Every month we select a model & gallery from on our site and around the web that we just love and want to feature. It’s a great way for you to see a ‘best of’ gallery of up and coming models and free press & publication for them Win/Win. Without further ado, here is Miss AntiPretty: July – Katalina Motley!


From Katalina:

I am a Model/Actor/Entertainer, and art is my reason to live. I’ve spent my life on the stage, learning and growing. My modeling pursuit began as a collaboration between theatre and photography, and only grew from there. I am extremely passionate about my career, and it is three driving force un my life; the reason I get up in the morning. I’ve found that although I do enjoy every avenue of modeling, I have found my true passion in the unconventional, unexpected, and heavily expressive. My ideal life is one where I get to create beautiful, meaningful peices of art with other artists, such as the wonderfully talented artists on antipretty.

Photographs from portfolio-Noelle Wilhelmina: https://instagram.com/noellewilhelmina?igshid=409jab28tlhf

Kaya Burke: https://www.kayaburkephotography.online/

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