Kalamity: A Clockwork Orange is Ultra-Sexy

Kalamity is as hard to define as their name might imply, jumping the line between badass and adorable. Kalamity teamed up with AntiPretty for a set loosely inspired by “A Clockwork Orange.” With an extensive theatre background and an attitude of “let’s get weird” this shoot turned out sexy, stylish, and unique. Just how we like it.

Drawing on the skills of a makeup artist, we chose to try an exaggerated eyelash vibe in tribute to the original style of Clockwork Orange; coupled with the bowler & cane, it quickly evolves in a spot of the ultra-sexy with strappy undergarments slowly revealed to make this whole shoot ultra-cool.

Kalamity is a Sonoma County based model who is also involved in theatre and local community projects and is a huge advocate for equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and loving and respecting all forms of beauty, which is right in line with what AntiPretty stands for (We Like Them Weird).

Please enjoy the hell out of Kalamity 😉

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