Welcome to Version 3.0 – The New Alternative Modeling Network

For those of you that have been with us since back in the day we salute you. For those of you just now coming to AntiPretty and wondering what the heck we are, let me explain. We are of course a publication for Alternative Models, Photography and Makeup. Meaning we publish our own photoshoots as well as hand-picked models and photographers that we feature on the site. Our 2nd goal? WORLD DOMINATION. Well kind of.

We set out several years ago to make the ultimate “Alternative Modeling Network” which would basically be a facebook, model mayhem, or social network if you will. But JUST for Alternative models. Which means above all – We Like Them Weird. When we first created this site we were inspired by sites like Suicide Girls but found too much homogeneity, it went from wild and different to “Pale girls with piercings and tattoos” shrug, boring.

So we set out to make our own Network. Now models can make their own profiles, post classifieds, find gigs, network with each. Blog & post & make groups. Basically have a haven where you can let your freak flag fly. Our base level is always FREE of course but we do have some humble paid plans that are very affordable and provide you with a lot of cool tools & features.

Wait… Version 3.0?


We’ve tried a lot of different approaches to social networking and long story short. It sounds easier than it is to create and maintain a social network. Originally starting on BuddyPress, we moved up to Social Engine and after investing thousands in hosting, configuration, support and software we determined that none of these were doing the job. The creator of AntiPretty is a WordPress Developer and yearned for a legit WordPress based social network. We think we’ve finally found it.

Now the bad news…. The previous network has been hacked and ridden with viruses eventually we had to strip the whole site and shut it down. Along with that went many people’s photos, profiles and posts. We deeply apologize for any lost content you may have culminated over the years. All we have left is a list of usernames and email addresses. Which brings us to:

The Good News.

As a gesture of good faith we will be providing a “Premium” level account (3$ a month) to anyone that reaches out from the old site. Simply write an email to previous[at]antipretty[dot]com with your name and email address and if it’s on our list we will give you a discount code for free lifetime membership. No catch, no hidden agenda, we want to do right by our users and it’s hard to gain and keep trust. We think that you’ll help spread the word and your love of all things AntiPretty if you’ve got a cushy free account.

If you’re not a former member, aren’t you lucky? You get to jump on the bandwagon early and be part of the new and much improved alternative modeling social network. If you’re interested in one of those shiny Premium or VIP accounts you’ll have to pay, but we will be giving out discount codes for free accounts on our FaceBook page at random to celebrate, so keep an eye out (shh).

Thanks for being a fan of weird and beautiful people, enjoy the new network and go do you.

About the author: Antipretty Modeling VIP User Administrator
This is the Administrator of the AntiPretty Website