Miss Antipretty May 2014: Emily Sanchez

My names Emily Sanchez in the desert of Fresno California with a passion for alternative art. I am not just a model but also a certified, outspoken, and creative makeup artist. I found myself enjoying the life of modeling at the makeup school i attended, The Makeup Imaginarium, because it felt fulfilling to know i told the last of the artist story. After the first few times I began to notice the want of tattooed and pierced models in magazines and ads I see daily. This was because I don’t feel the world is “clean” skinned anymore. Many have come to find the real beauty in body art and modifications. It isn’t “trashy” it’s ones way to use the canvas God gave us to tell stories in art work and have it to be told to anyone who we come across of. I am one to love telling my arts stories and it truly being my drive in everything I do on a daily basis for the many careers I want to accomplish.

The stories begin many years before I was in the world. The roman numerals are a date for the loss of my great grandmother when my mother was only 17 she and two young children lost their lives because of a drunk driver. I carry this date everywhere to remind myself to know my limit to know never to be embarrassed to call or ask for a ride home and wake up the next morning for my family. The anchor is the symbol of negative things trying to weigh you down in the world and having a bow is my way of making the negative pretty and taking that anchor and bringing it up to the surface. The feathers are a way to symbolize the lightness one must have in life to enjoy every moment and never let life get heavy. The lettering Let Love Live has always been a phrase a fall back on when things have brought me down and when home life gets heavy and tense also it reminds me for these times to go somewhere to feel love even if it to the park and swing. The cross on my wedding finger is simple god gave me this finger to set a ring for the one who will be in my life until I pass. The other lettering I see God in love is a phrase a young girl said once in church and I cried thinking how beautiful it is for this young girl to already feel this bound many take for granted. The mermaid my true favorite I see as myself. No one believes in these creatures though they have given us humans glances and short arrivals to the beach rocks. I feel I can relate in wanting to be a model and makeup artist no one believes I am capable and can make a secure living for myself though I show the time and time again beautiful photos they see.

Why Do I want model? to show the true beauty of body art and modifications and how they truly are stories and a part of the human that wears them. Also as mentioned before I want to help the artist tell a story and see that excitement and joy when they see their passion come together.

Why Do I like Antipretty? the fact they give us future models a way to show we are here, different and still just as beautiful and “clean” skinned models everywhere in magazines and billboards. This site and organization is doing this for the models not them they want the beauty to be seen and give us a reason to keep pushing for our dreams. I am honored to be Miss Antipretty and I hope to encourage others to let their canvas be their story book.

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