Sabrina Inkwell: I Am Not a Survivor

There’s something powerful in becoming someone else. It’s almost as if it’s a way back to myself. It wasn’t that long ago that I was bullied for being a geek, for being curvy, for dressing up in silly costumes, but the moment I stopped letting these things be my flaws they became my superpowers. It wasn’t that long ago that my power over my body was taken from me…repeatedly…but the moment I made it my …

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Plus Size Models

A lot of people ask us about plus sized models. First it’s good to know – we love plus sized models. More important, Antipretty is about the misconception that there’s only one path to beauty. There are beautiful people who are short, tall, skinny, curvy and beyond. The thing is, it doesn’t work both ways. Not ALL skinny people are pretty, not all curvy people are pretty. We try to look past the concept of …

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Miss Antipretty April 2014: Sarah Claxton

My name is Sarah Claxton and I am delighted to be Miss Antipretty of the month! I live in Knoxville, TN and am a local artist and tattoo model. I own and run my own art gallery along with my partner Sinthia, it is dubbed the Gothique Gallery due to the content being of horror and macabre nature. I am the head makeup artist for the Knoxville Zombie Walk and poster girl as well. I …

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Weird Swimsuit Shoot: Channing

Also part of our “Weird Swimsuit Shoot” is the beautiful Channing. She has a very unique look & style and she’s perfect for AntiPretty. She is always ready with a laugh and did a great job of putting up with wind, waves, water, and sharp rocks for our awesome beach shoot. She’s a constant source of positivity and she’s easy on the eyes as well. It’s her first time modeling and she said she was …

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Veronica Virgo: Robotic

I’m Veronica Virgo & am very new to Anti-Pretty! Be gentle… Or don’t. I’ve been modeling for a little while now, & loving it. I prefer the extremely broad genre of pin-up, but I also don’t want to be pigeon-holed. I’m open to all kinds of different styles & ideas. I don’t always want pretty, formulaic, wall-worthy photos. I’d like some gritty, scary, and weird photos too. At this time I am unwilling to do …

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Rae Serenity: Kat Mac

Our first gallery from Rae Serenity our is a short & sweet gallery of new model Kat Mac – We hope you like these new pics from this talented photographer. Here’s to many more Rae!